Linda Loring is a woman of vision. A devoted wildlife advocate and conservationist, she feels strongly about giving young people a chance to learn about and enjoy the natural world. She has a special connection to Nantucket and particularly her neighborhood along Eel Point Road with an eye on keeping the area from being developed.

Beginning in 1957, she purchased land between Eel Point Road and Madaket Road, one parcel at a time. Eventually she managed to connect it into an impressive 270 acre contiguous tract where it is a wildlife sanctuary for the plants and animals she treasures. She would not sell or develop her vast open property. Loring's objective was to preserve her land and establish a foundation to help fulfill her dream of creating a nature center on Nantucket.

In 1999 she established the Linda Loring Nature Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and donated an initial 5 acres to create the foundation's property. The foundation became operational in 2007 with the hiring of our Executive Director, Kitty Pochman. Since that time the property has increased in size from 5 acres to 108 acres, including additional gifts of land from Linda Loring and an 18 acre tract generously donated to LLNF in 2017 by the Nature Conservancy in a historic move to help protect our local landscapes. In 2017 we celebrated this remarkable land transfer as well as our 10th anniversary of operation. Since its inception the focus of the LLNF has been education; staff work to connect people of all ages and background to nature. Over the years we have expanded the breadth and depth of our organization and now focus on three main areas of work: Ecological Research, Environmental Education, and Land Stewardship. 

Linda Loring lives on Nantucket and continues to play a vital role in the Foundation.