Highlighted Stewardship Projects

Staff at the Linda Loring Nature Foundation are constantly working on maintaining and improving the 108 acre property to enhance the experience for visitors and to ensure a healthy biodiverse ecosystem for the plants and animals living here. Trails are mowed to keep a comfortable walk through one of Nantucket’s rarest habitats. Several benches have been added to allow visitors to sit and enjoy the sights. One of our largest projects involves the ongoing removal of the invasive tree the Japanese black pine. The LLNF has several targeted locations of black pines and is working on grants to do larger scale removal projects.


Black Pine Removal

Several large clusters of invasive Japanese black pine exist on the LLNF property. The one closest to our office building has already been removed and plans are in place to remove the other larger clusters. In addition many young pines have popped up around the property so LLNF staff and volunteers work to cut them down before they can grow and spread.


Trail Enhancement/Maintenance

The LLNF trails must be maintained in order to ensure a pleasant experience for our visitors. This includes regular mowing of the trails done by a volunteer every few weeks, as well as the recent addition of two new benches for visitors to take rests along the trail.